Tiffany & Co.’s Take on ‘Everyday Objects’ Includes a $1,500 Coffee Can

Already scooped up Balenciaga’s $2,000 version of a 99-cent IKEA bag? Don’t worry, Tiffany & Co. has you covered for the holidays. The jeweler’s latest collection includes some luxury versions of everyday objects that are basically bordering on absurd. If you’ve ever wondered if you could get your hands on a coffee can that costs about the same as 1,000 cups of coffee, well, today’s your lucky day.

Described as “ordinary objects made extraordinary,” they definitely aren’t kidding. You’ll spot “paper” cups made from bone china, a “crazy straw” made out of rose gold, and even a sterling silver bandage box. School staples such as a triangle and a protractor get a posh boarding school update in silver and walnut. Not to mention the luxurious toys that are more for displaying than playing with: table tennis paddles accented with Tiffany blue leather, a yo-yo, and even building blocks (for $1,000, they better feel like clouds when you step on them in the middle of the night).

And if you’re on the fence about giving the gift of the everyday, allow us to remind you that for an extra fee, many of the pieces can be engraved. Because the only thing better than a $375 ice cream scoop is a $375 ice cream scoop with a monogram.

Check out some of the absurd pieces below:

(Image credit: Tiffany & Co.)

Rose Gold Crazy Straw, $350

(Image credit: Tiffany & Co.)

Building Blocks set of 10, $1,500

(Image credit: Tiffany & Co.)

Protractor, $425

(Image credit: Tiffany & Co.)

Party Hat, $1,000

(Image credit: Tiffany & Co.)

Paper Cups, $95 for 2

(Image credit: Tiffany & Co.)

Coffee Can, $1,500

(Image credit: Tiffany & Co.)

Ball of Yarn, $9,000



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