11 Projects That Solve What To Do With All Those Winter Boots

If you’re like me, you’ve always had a growing pile of shoes in your vestibule/ entryway/mudroom. Which normally wouldn’t be an issue except that the shoes are now boots – they take up more space, they track in more mud, and they can take a bit longer to dry out after a good rain or snow. So what do you do with all of them? How do you solve the growing boot dilemma this time of year?

For starters, you can make a boot tray to keep by your door…

Line your DIY boot tray with corks like this project from Earnest Home Co. for added absorbency.

Or you can try a grout finish if you don’t have dozens of corks laying around. Provident Home has the tutorial.

Don’t want to build your own tray? Check out this project from Redbook Mag. A cookie sheet or old cafeteria tray lined with river rocks will do the trick!

Create a custom rustic river rock tray like this one from Natalie Wright

Or go for a double-duty project. I Heart Organizing recommends making a boot tray and stowing in a bench so your boots don’t crowd a smaller entryway.

If you want something more portable, go for this project from Magnolia Market, which includes casters and handles for easy transports in and out of the home.

For an affordable storage solution, try stacking and securing crates on top of each other as Julie Briggs has done. Different size crates offer options for ankle boots as well as tall boots.

Or go big with built-ins that include tall compartments (seen at the back of the bench) perfect for storing boots and taller shoes. Bye-bye piles of shoes! Check out Ana White’s post to see how.

If bringing in muddy boots gives you anxiety, you’re not alone. Keep them outside with a wall-mounted boot rack like this one made by The Mom Bot.

And if you aren’t able to mess with your exterior walls, try this floor rack from Stephanie Lynn.

Of course if you have the room in your closet (hall or bedroom), you can always keep the boot pile from growing by putting them away after they’re clean. A simple trick is to clip your boots up using pant hangers. If you’re afraid of scratches, clip with a piece of felt or cloth to protect your beloved leather pairs.

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