Before & After: This Odd Hallway is No Longer a Hodgepodge-y Mess

When Emma bought her current home, she inherited one weird hallway. It was, in her words, “a giant monstrosity.” Along with four different types of scruffy, threadbare carpet on the stairs, it featured chipped white vinyl tiles downstairs, and yellow and orange “woodchip” wallpaper on all the walls on all three floors — even on the ceiling! When the 1970s called and wanted its decor back, Emma was more than happy to oblige.

Emma’s in the process of renovating the whole house and knew that this hallway and entryway would need a total redo in order to make it more modern and stylish. The process took much longer than they’d hoped, partly due to budget, and partly because Emma was diagnosed with cancer during the renovation.

Here’s the after:

Somehow, between chemo treatments, they stripped all the wallpaper, covered the walls with plaster and added a chair rail to break up the downstairs. Then, everything got a fresh coat of paint.

They also added another door to create an airlock of sorts, which acts as a mudroom for shoes before you enter into the main hallway. She paid a friend about $400£ for the labor, and it was worth it.

Even though the floor isn’t real parquet (they couldn’t spend money on new or reclaimed wood), the vinyl tile was laid individually in a herringbone pattern to make it look like the real deal. The stairs are now covered in a classic striped carpet that will never go out of style.

Emma loves how different the hallway looks now. Instead of feeling like an 80-year-woman’s house, Emma says it feels grown up and sophisticated, and just more her style. If she were to do it all over again, she’d probably strip the woodwork entirely this time around, rather than just re-glossing it.

For more photos, resources, and information about the project, head over to Emma’s blog Oh Gosh for the whole scoop.

Nice job, Emma!



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