Here’s What Julia Roberts DIYed As Holiday Gifts One Year — InStyle

The holidays are a special time. Dedicated to hugs from family, great food, and gifts. Lots of gifts. As the festive season approaches, Julia Roberts gave some insight to InStyle into why she loves Thanksgiving, her gift giving style, and even a few fun ideas for those who experience gift-block during the holiday season.

After taking time away from acting, Roberts notes that her favorite hobby is spending time in her kitchen. “I truly love cooking. One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is you can just spend days cooking,” she continues, “You aren’t obligated to do anything else. I think I got that from [my mother] and learned by being in the kitchen with her, watching her do it.”

Did you know that the Pretty Woman star counts herself amongst the DIY-obsessed? During her November cover interview, Roberts details her love for handmade gifts, a fun hobby that she picked up during her childhood as she watched her Mom make everything from scratch. Mamas pass down the best habits, don’t they?

She recalls recent years where her funky gifts included vintage cookie jars stuffed with homemade cookies, and needlepoint trays and doors bricks. “One year I did needlepoint things. I would do, like, a needlepoint tray or a needlepoint door brick,” she says, “Doesn’t that sound like a present you would want to get?”

The thought and time invested in personalized presents creates a lasting memory for both you and your loved one, as Roberts’s 12 year old son, Finn, leans in to mention that they also have a needlepoint door brick, to which Roberts smiles in response, “We do have one Grandma made.”

Check out the full interview over on InStyle.



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