A Third of Americans Would Rather Do This Than Host Thanksgiving

I love hosting and entertaining, especially around the holidays—I’m the first to suggest throwing a party and I love to cook for people, so I’ll take any excuse to bake a pie and spend some time with friends. The one thing I hate about having guests over, though? Tidying the apartment first.

If you’re feeling less-than-enthusiastic about the idea of hosting Thanksgiving in your home, you’re not alone—especially if it’s the cleaning aspect that’s turning you off to it. A recent study from SpareFoot found that 40 percent of Americans—especially millennials (59 percent) and people with kids (57 percent) have avoided hosting the holiday because of their clutter.

In fact, more than a third of people surveyed said they’d rather go to the DMV (yes, you read that right!) than organize their homes for Thanksgiving. And if you’ve ever spent half a day waiting in line at the DMV—which, let’s be honest, is most of us—you know that that’s really saying something.

It’s also important to note that millennials aren’t the only generation guilty of avoiding hosting because of their clutter concerns—nearly half (41 percent) of Gen X-ers have also skipped having company for the same reason, and a quarter of Baby Boomers said the same.

This backs up another recent study from Kärcher, which found that a lot of people don’t clean for guests. (I’m still really surprised by this one, to be honest!).

Another thing to consider? The holidays bring a special challenge with them: decorations. Not only are most people concerned about cleaning and organizing their homes for company, there’s also pressure to make your home festive, too. And according to the survey—and as you probably already know from experience—that decor can take up a lot of space. Only 21 percent of respondents said they could fit all their decorations in a shoebox, but at 59 percent, the majority said that they’d have to fit them in a car.

You can read the full report at SpareFoot.

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