Is This You? Did You Chase Down the Property Brothers? This Has to Be One of You

Drew: So a lot of our design, when Jonathan and I work with clients, we’re being realistic for their lifestyle and what they’re looking for.

Jonathan: The big thing is, when we say open concept – and we’ve even had, we were doing the Today show, co-hosting the Today show a couple months back, and somebody chased us down the street when we were in our car yelling, ‘Open concept sucks! Open concept sucks!’ Like, some people passionately are averse to, have an aversion to—

Lulu: I work in an open plan office, so I am against it!

Jonathan: Keep in mind, open concept is just supposed to be between the kitchen, dining room and living room. Those are the entertaining areas, where it’s nice to have sight lines, you don’t want to feel like you’re stuck in the—

Drew: No toilet in the middle of the room.

Jonathan: But yea, if you have a family, there should be another area where there’s kids’ toys, and you can close off that noise and mess. You know, open concept bathrooms are not the greatest.

There is really only one question to ask after hearing this story: was it one of you?

We’re blessed with one of the most passionate, vocal and opinionated comment sections around, and I just feel it deep in my bones that it was one of you who chased down Jonathan and Drew through the streets of New York City to let them know what was up. So please, tell us everything.



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