Check Out This $400 Diptyque Advent Calendar (Plus 9 More Budget-Friendly Options)

Not content to own just the title of the official candle of your Instagram envy, Diptyque is again getting into the advent calendar game this holiday season.

For $390, you can bring home a Diptyque-branded advent calendar (above), stuffed with 25 tiny one-a-day treasures to help you count down the days until Christmas. Inside you’ll find sample-size miniatures of scents and skincare from the French apothecary, as well as a few extra-mini 35g (1.2oz) candles and one regular mini 70g (2.4 oz, votive-sized) one.

I personally love the idea of buying yourself an advent calendar, because who says the joy of discovering daily treasures should end at puberty? If you can swing the $400 price tag as the ultimate treat-your-self gift this holiday season, then go on with your bad self. If not, you should know Diptyque isn’t the only one getting into the adult advent calendar game.

Here are some favorite 2017 adult advent calendar ideas, starting at $25:

Vinebox’s 12 Nights of Wine

What you get: 12 glasses of wine from all around the world, packaged in elegant little twist-off vials
Price: $129
Buy now: Vinebox

Lush’s 12 Days of Christmas

What you get: 12 bath bombs, gels and soaps inside a super keepable hat box
Price: $114.95
Buy now: Lush

Susanne Kaufmann Advent Calendar

What you get: 24 plant-forward bath and body elixirs inside a wonderfully minimalist presentation
Price: $170
Buy now: Anthropologie

The ASOS Grooming Advent Calendar

What you get: A mix of 24 products for hair and skin, plus an ASOS discount code
Price: $87
Buy now: ASOS

Godiva Holiday Chocolate Advent Calendar

What you get: 25 pieces of chocolate that are a little more delicious than the ones in your kids’ drug store advent calendars
Price: $25
Buy now: Godiva

Drinks by the Dram Whisky Advent Calendar

What you get: 24 shot-sized drams of different types of whisky from all around the world
Price: $165
Buy now: Master of Malt

Not a big fan of whiskey? Drinks by the Dram makes gin, rum, tequila and vodka versions of the advent calendar, as well as a “very old and rare” whiskey set that retails for $10k. Not kidding. You can see them all here.

L’Occitane Signature Advent Calendar

What you get: 24 different L’Occitane soaps, scents and other products
Price: $69
Buy now: L’Occitane

24 Days of Tea from David’s Tea

What you get: 24 different blends of tea in one-serving tins
Price: $45
Buy now: David’s Tea

Sephora’s Winter Wonderland Advent Calendar

What you get: 24 Sephora Collection beauty and bath products and accessories
Price: $45
Buy now: Sephora



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