This Two-In-One Cold Brew Coffee & Tea Maker is Only Sale for a Few Hours Only — Amazon Deal of the Day

Any coffee lover will tell you few things beat a solid cup of cold brew. But what if we told you there’s a way to score some superior iced coffee and tea with the same stinkin’ brewer? Amazon is currently offering an awesome deal on one of their top-rated (not to mention, super sleek) cold brew coffee carafes—and jackpot: it comes with a built-in tea infuser, too!

Designed with serious coffee aficionados in mind, it brews coffee that’s 70% less acidic than your standard hot cup, making it both richer and smoother in taste.

Along with a removable (and totally dishwasher safe) stainless steel filter, this savvy stunner boasts an airtight seal, so you can save and enjoy your fresh batch of cold brew for up to two weeks. Even better, this chic carafe is composed of super high-grade glass—allowing you to use it just like you would a traditional teapot if you find yourself in the mood for some hot tea.

Presently priced at about $10 less than its normal listing price (and more than 50% off the suggested retail price), you can bring this two-in-one wonder into your life for less than 30 measly bucks.

If you need a little push, check out this hyper-enthusiastic review from customer C Burrows:

“I love, love, love, this coffee brewer. For cold brews it is perfect (the dimensions are measured for a perfect brew and it fits on the fridge shelf and with a snug lid) and I use it for hot brewing tea and coffee as well. I especially love the long insert that reaches to the bottom of my tall mugs, for brewing hot teas. (That’s actually what I bought it for.) And a bonus treat is that it exactly fits top to bottom inside a Klean Kanteen insulated water bottle. So you can hot brew your coffee or tea in that in the morning, then add your milk, etc, and you are ready to go. Just perfect!!”

Better cold brew is just a few clicks away—act fast before this lightning deal runs out.



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