Before and After: This ’90s Bathroom Was a Seriously Sexy Beast

This bathroom had everything: mauve jacuzzi! Mauve marble! Hexagonal sinks! Add in black walls and an abundance of glass block and you’ve got one very sexy early ’90s beast. You know this bathroom was A++ in its day. It’s just that its day was 25 years ago.

A note: few of the before and after photos line up perfectly, so please use your spatial imagination to place yourself within the room. That being said: WOW! This master bathroom by The TomKat Studio is somehow old-fashioned and modern at the same time. The white lower walls allow the focus to remain on the stunning patterned floor tile. Meanwhile, the little grey stool brings out the grey in the tiles and marble, as well as the subtly grey paint on the upper wall.

The jetted tub has been replaced with a large, freestanding tub—so glam!—while the now frameless shower is no longer hidden behind thick glass blocks.

I included this before shot of Kim of The TomKat Studio, purely because it made my jaw drop. I’m sure the power of mirrors make the room look trippier than it actually was, but still!

Previously, the bathroom had two sinks to the left of the doorway, with an extended countertop (and a third sink? I’m a little confused) to the right. Now each sink has its own vanity, mirror, and feeling of independence.

Is it just me or is that a lot of right angles and lines to deal with visually? Between the glass blocks, reflection of the blocks, floor, (possibly faux) cabinetry, and wall tiles, my eyes are starting to cross. Enjoy that burgundy, mauve, and pink tile whilst you can, because it’s about to get ripped out…

The formerly tiled wall is now painted, and the wall above the vanity is now tiled! You can also catch a peek of the storage nook to the left of the sink. The details on the vanities are a change of pace from the absolutely stark cabinetry that we’re seeing a lot of these days, while the barely-grey walls and paneling also make it stand out from all of the recent white-walled bathrooms. The TomKat Studio has all of the details and sources if you’d like to make this look your own!

Thank you, The TomKat Studio!



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