The Best Holiday Cards if You’d Rather Do Anything Than Schedule a Family Photo Shoot

Maybe you think holiday photos are cheesy, you’re camera shy, or you’re just plain short of time this year …and who isn’t? Luckily there are plenty of amazing holiday cards out there that don’t require matching family sweaters, or the time to find them.

And if you’re still keen on customization, there are plenty of ways to personalize photo-free cards too. From watercolor family portraits (that guarantee everyone in the picture actually looks good) to custom pet silhouettes, and beautiful (dare we say, even DIY) hand-lettering, there are lots of ways to make your cards unique. Or you can choose cards that feature beautiful artwork, fancy printing, or a wicked sense of humor that’s sure to make your friends and family smile.

Here are 10 of our favorite design-forward holiday cards and a DIY option designed to spread holiday cheer without the photo op:

These whimsical watercolor portraits of your family (pets too!) along with seasonal embellishments are undeniably adorable. It’s a good thing they’re a digital download, so you can print as many as you need to.

Let’s be real, we’re all Cheers Bear at the end of a good party. …Or at least by the end of the holiday season.

This is the perfect card if you have a dark sense of humor, a pragmatic streak, or just want to acknowledge that holidays can be rough with a little levity.

Absurd, nostalgic, and hilarious, this is the perfect card for the geek (and everyone else) in your life.

Beautiful typography and gold foil combine for a chic and modern holiday greeting.

This fun and festive card combines the silhouette of your favorite pet with bold colors and a cheery holiday message.

Printed with a blind impression, this minimal white-on-white card is modern holiday perfection.

Your friends and family are sure to find this beautifully pressed card card hilarious whether they embrace or scoff at everything pumpkin season.

Perfect for the graphic design nerds in your life, these beautiful cards speak designer fluently.

There’s a reason llamas have had a moment this year — they’re really cute, and this card is the perfect playful way to wish your friends and family a Happy Llamakah!

This workshop — coming up on November 18th at your local Paper Source store — seems like a fun way to get in the holiday spirit, learn a new skill, and cross holiday cards off your list all at once.



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