These Are Some of the Best, Boldest Uses of Black

It’s not hyperbole to say that Julie and Matt’s house in Culver City is a monochrome and minimalist masterpiece. Almost exclusively featuring a black and white color palette (with maybe a few wood tones), it’s a gorgeous example of how to do a lot with a little. It’s also FULL of bold ways to use the color black.

Time to update or replace your kitchen cabinets? Go dark! Black paint or black cabinets add drama and contrast to your kitchen, no matter the color of your walls or counters. The more matte, the better, I say. → For Your Inspiration: 10 Beautiful Black Kitchens

All black frames — particular with uniform art and against a light-colored wall — absolutely pop in any room. It’s an easy way to add elegance to affordable art and elevate an entire room. You can buy black frames, but you can also paint cheap frames black, too. → Hang It: Best Sources for Cheap Frames

Though any color painted in an unusual shape can add interest to a room, there’s something about black that adds sophistication. Particularly when you use black in geometric ways — sharp lines or bold shapes — you can add “architecture” to a plain room. → Design Inspiration: Geometric Graphic Painted Wall DIY Projects

Choose a black hanging mobile that you buy or DIY. Especially if you have all white walls or rent, a black mobile can be a fascinating way to create unusual interest in a room. You just don’t often see mobiles in rooms other than nurseries, but they’re a bold way to create art in a surprising spot. When you choose or make a mobile in black, it instantly throws out any “kid-like” connections and makes it feel like you’re living in a hip art museum. → 50 Fabulous Mobiles To Make, Buy Or Hang In The Sky

Forget chrome or brass — matte black bathroom fixtures are an extraordinary way to add inky color to a room. Though some modern fixtures can be a bit on the pricey side, just having one or two added to a room is enough to make a bold statement. I love that in Julie and Matt’s home, one bathroom has black plumbing fixtures against white, and another space has black fixtures against black! Both give sleek, modern vibes. → Fresh Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Beautiful Black Fixtures



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