Wire Baskets: The One Item You Should Be Considering for Your Next DIY

Wire baskets are so extremely versatile, you should snatch them up whenever they’re on sale. They can be easily transformed into side tables, pendant lights, plant pots, bike baskets, and wall shelves, and (in a pinch) serve as fire wood holders, shoe wranglers, blanket corrals, toy boxes, and even waste baskets. Here are 10 projects that make the most out of the beauty and utility of wire baskets, plus 10 wire baskets you just might want to buy.

The description of this project is irresistible: “an easy peasy side table made out of a bin and a chopping board.” Other than wood glue, that’s literally all you need!

Let your basket escape the office and see the world by affixing it to your bicycle with stylish leather straps.

Upgrade standard hanging blankets with peppy spray paint, pretty twine, and some coordinating or complementary beads.

Two humble hanging plant baskets become a pendant worthy of mid-century modern decor, thanks to a quick coat of paint and a pendant light kit.

This clever project is based on the no-longer-available TRADIG bowl, but you could recreate it using the wire fruit bowl of your choice.

Take your pendant light project a step further by weaving fresh flowers through it. For winter, evergreen branches, eucalyptus, and winterberry branches would be gorgeous and smell amazing.

So clever! The basket adds precious storage to the bathroom and handily holds a tower bar as well.

Spray paint a basket rose gold—or whatever hue suits your aesthetic, then top it with a glass round. A round of marble or other stunning stone would also be amazing.

Large planters are generally very expensive and very heavy, so here’s an alternative to terracotta: keep your plant in its plastic pot, slide it into a canvas bag (store bought or DIY), and pop it into a wire waste basket!

This DIY isn’t exactly “how to transform a wire basket into ____” but rather “how to bring out the best in your wire basket.” Aren’t we all our best selves when we’re covered with pom poms? You can make this ultra-fun piece with store-bought pompoms, or make your own following the instructions in this tutorial.

Wire Basket Roundup

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