These Condo Owners Found Surprising (And SUPER Gross) Things In The Walls

When you start demo on a home renovation project, you expect to find some things in your walls: pipes, wires, insulation and other normal construction-type fare. But in one luxury condo building in Weehauken, New Jersey, the homeowners found way more than usual behind the drywall.

The story starts innocently enough when a couple hires a contractor to make some upgrades in their condo bathroom. The contractor came over, gave a quote, got hired, and work began shortly thereafter. Everything was completely normal until, according to PageSix, the contractor took down the walls and found a whole bunch of disgusting items: containers of human waste, half-eaten take-out containers of Chinese food, and trash, among other things. Whoa.

In case you didn’t know (and who necessarily would), it is against building code and regulations to leave anything other than essential construction materials behind walls — not to mention it’s also pretty high up there on the unofficial, but equally important, “Ew-Ew-Ew Scale.”

This, of course, led to a (most likely panicked) search behind more walls in the apartment, as the owners tried to find out if more hazardous waste was lurking behind their walls. Their efforts paid off (if you can call it that): they also found urine-soaked insulation in the master bedroom.

The homeowners moved out and have since sued the condo sales corporation for breach of contract — for this and some other grievances. Their unit, which was reportedly bought for between $1 million and $3 million, now sits empty until they resolve their dispute.

Stories like these act as cautionary tales for hiring contractors, and you might find yourself looking over worker’s shoulders a few times as they go about their business.



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