A “Crazy Plant Lady’s” Bright & Welcoming Raleigh Home — House Tour

Name: Stephanie Whedbee
Location: Raleigh, NC
Size: 750 square feet
Years Lived In: Less than 1 year, renting

“I’ve lived in Raleigh for four years and this is the first place that truly feels 100% me,” confesses graphic designer Stephanie Whedbee. “Since moving in last fall, I have obsessed over styling and decorating my duplex. By day I am a graphic designer at a tech company, but in my spare time I devote my personal creativity to my house — it fulfills that other part of my design spirit to turn away from the screen and get my hands on DIY projects, searching Craigslist for unique pieces, and combing through Pinterest — all while consulting with my mom. After years of bouncing from place to place, there’s nothing better than coming home to an actual home after a long day to a space that feels so welcoming and comfortable.”

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: Eclectic, cozy, welcoming, bright, and bohemian.

Inspiration: I pull a lot of inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest. I love stalking amazing stylists on these platforms and taking notes from them. I am also inspired by anything near the beach. My dream is to have a surfboard in my house, but strictly as a design element (because I have no surf skills).

Favorite Element: I’m such a sentimental lady, so the headboard my dad made me for Christmas is my favorite thing in my duplex. I had a vision and knew that he and my mom could bring it to life easily. I kept my fingers crossed that when I saw it on Christmas day, it would be what I wanted. My expectations were blown away — the headboard is absolutely gorgeous and really helped tie everything in my bedroom together.

Biggest Challenge: Navigating my kitchen. The washer and dryer make things really cramped and counter space is limited, but the IKEA kitchen cart I purchased really helps out with that. To cover up the ’70s inspired linoleum flooring I also bought a rug from an amazing friend who moved across country. Having a rental definitely has its challenges, but there are quick and easy ways to work around the things you’re not allowed to change.

What Friends Say: My friends are incredibly supportive and each time someone comes over I get asked about where I got certain pieces. Most of the time, the answer is Craigslist, so I promise to help them search around the site for whatever piece they’re looking for. I also get a lot of comments on my random book selection. I buy books from the thrift store based on their titles. My favorite is “Do Cats Think?” Best $1 I ever spent.

Biggest Embarrassment: Attempting to hang the tile wallpaper backsplash late on a Friday night. Wine may have been involved. If you squint, it looks fine, but up close… definitely not A+ work.

Proudest DIY: I built the tall standing shelf in my bedroom all by myself. I went to Lowes, bought the lumber and screws, sat down on my living room floor, and pieced together the entire thing. Lots of measuring, drilling, double-checking, and cursing happened that day. In the end, it might not look like a master carpenter built it, but I felt like Beyonce when I was done.

Biggest Indulgence: I always splurge on plants and I have, as some would call it, “way too many.” I just love the challenge of keeping them alive (not a green thumb) and since I don’t have pets, plants are my substitutes.

Best Advice: Surround yourself with things that make you happy. If you like pink, incorporate it with an accent wall or throw pillows. If you have a collection of pictures or treasures from your recent vacations, hang them in a gallery wall. If your hobby is reading, create a little library that’s easily accessible. More than anything? Give yourself a chance to smile, everywhere you look.

Dream Sources: My dream is to one day be able to afford to shop at West Elm and The Citizenry.


Record player — Craigslist
Record player cart— Craigslist
Sofa — Craigslist
Triangle nesting tables — Craigslist
Lamp — Target
Coasters — HomeGoods
Hanging planter — The Zen Succulent
Gallery Wall – Moose Head — Hobby Lobby
Gallery Wall – Kali F1 print by Patricia Vargas — Society6
Gallery Wall – Hello — Target
Gallery Wall – Vincent Van Gogh print — Flea market
Gallery Wall – Marquee arrow — Michaels
Gallery Wall – Yarn hanging — Made by my friend Liz Wetzel
Round Decorative Wall Mirror — Target
LACK coffee table — Ikea
Gold geometric tray — HomeGoods
Carter Triangle Bracket Wall Shelf — Urban Outfitters
Industrial floor lamp — Auction
Wicker basket — Target
Hemnes TV unit — Ikea
Industrial table fan — Flea market
Succulent planter — Made by my friend Andrew Killmer
Coral accent — Target
Artificial tall cactus — Target
Vintage Flair Chair – Green — At Home
Artificial Cactus in Wood Pot Small — Target
Glass bottles — Flea market
Surfing Art Print “Blue Beard” — Matthew Allen
Terrarium — The Zen Succulent
Ladder shelf — Made by my dad

Copper Top glass containers — HomeGoods
Cultivate Cuteness Garland — ModCloth
Kitchen island — Ikea
Dinnerware Set White Beaded Rim — Target
Black and gold poster — French Paper Co
You’re really neat print — HomeGoods

Geometric runner rug — HomeGoods
Tonal Diamond Printed Rug — Urban Outfitters
Dresser — Craigslist
Gold curtains — Target
Glass lamp / gray shade— Target
Glass lamp / floral shade— Target
Bedside tables — Craigslist
Headboard — Made by my dad
Bench — Antique store (reupholstered by my mom)
Tall shelf— Made by me
Chair — Antique store (reupholstered by my mom)
Hawaii print— Rifle Paper Company
Furry pillow — Target

Toothbrush holder and soap dish — Target
Salt block candle holder — HomeGoods
Wooden picture frames — HomeGoods
Metal Bathroom shelf — HomeGoods

Thanks, Stephanie!

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