Decorate Your Door With These Modern, Minimal DIY Wreaths

Wreaths are the first thing guests see when rolling up to your home during the holidays. Right over the knocker or right next to the doorbell, any of these modern DIY wreaths will be sure to welcome them with holiday spirit.

(Above) Starting with a minimal take of the classic pine bough, this wreath seen on Ruffled incorporates dried flowers and pinecones to add familiar winter textures that are sure to be right at home over your welcome mat.

Keep the pinecones, strip out the pine, and stack a few gold rings for a completely different feel like this arrangement from Sugar and Charm.

Kristin mixes different size of embroidery hoops with faux florals for a wreath you can use all year. I particularly love how she paired copper hooks on wooden plaques with the wreaths to create a sweet vignette.

Erika Rax shows how foraged finds can be elegant with minimal effort. You just need a small piece of copper plumbing and twine to tie the outdoors together in a lovely non-traditional wreath.

The Merrythought ladies have got their holiday game on point. The golden pumpkins and soft cotton buds are unexpected details, but so good.

Another truly dramatic wreath, this one from MPQ for TWO has moody tones and velvety textures, perfect for colder weather. Now all I want is to get out my plush slippers, drink dark chocolate, and dim the lights for a cozy evening at home.

Don’t get me wrong, full wreaths are still in, but how about swapping out traditional greens for something a little different. Rachel on Shades of Blue Interiors uses tied olive branches as a frame for antiqued bells. I’m personally in favor of these bells replacing all doorbells for the holidays.

From bells to candles, Erin from Francois et Moi goes Swedish with her candle wreath. She provides the link for the clip on candle holders too!

Go for gold with a laurel leaf wreath, as featured on Minted. Or make a small one to crown yourself after you’ve mastered the DIY wreath.

How are you going to deck the halls this season?



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