The One Product That Seriously Boosted My Closet Space — Amazon Deal of the Day

For most small space dwellers, a tiny apartment usually translates to an equally compact closet—so finding extra storage space can be an uphill battle. Thankfully, there are still some affordable and foolproof ways to score some extra closet space at home—it just takes a little imagination.

For me, dealing with my cramped New York City apartment’s closet has been made exponentially easier by investing in small, but multi-functional organizers—such as the space-savvy clothing hangers below, currently on sale at Amazon—to forge some unexpected but much-needed storage space.

If you weren’t already privy to the magic of cascading hangers, now’s the time to smarten up. Designed to store multiple garments on each hanger, just one of these super sturdy chrome organizers can hold up to 12 pieces of clothing (or 10 pounds) when hung up horizontally, though the real space saving comes when you organize them vertically, as you can fit in six hangers in the same amount of space as a handful of items.

Sold as a set of 8, these sleek hangers boast oversized hooks and six smoothed metal holes that allow you to insert any type of hanger—plastic, wire, or wood—and store up to 30lbs of clothing on a single hanger, though I recommend Huggable Hanger-type hangers as they take up very little space.

These would also be a great solution for storing belts, ties, jewelry and scarves in a super efficient easy-to-organize way. Those tricky closet staples always end up jumbled in a drawer; isn’t it time you give them proper treatment (which would also help you get dressed much faster).

Presently priced at just under $14, these metal wonders are more than 5 bucks off their suggested retail price but only until 3 pm EDT. You and your wardrobe can thank us later.



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