14 Perfect Examples of Boutique-Worthy Wrapping Paper (at Drugstore Prices)

I come from a family that never sent out Christmas cards or even put that much effort into decorating beyond the tree for the holidays, but the one thing that’s become a staple for us each year is taking the time to beautifully wrap our gifts. Gone are the days of drugstore-bought cartoon Santas and “ho ho ho” typography—now, my mom prides herself on her gift wrap selection, and I’m all about the ribbon placement. And it’s interesting to see how the more effort we put into wrapping gifts, the more excited the recipients are to open them—not without marveling at the wrapping first, though.

There’s a misconception that high-end gift wrap comes with a high cost, but so long as you know where to look, you can find some really lovely wrapping paper that 1) will look incredible under your tree no matter what your aesthetic is, 2) your friends and family will love, and 3) still falls within that drugstore price point.

And honestly, once you see these stunners, you’ll never step foot in the drugstore again—at least not to buy gift wrap.

Red foil berries and detailed pine leaves against a moody black background? I’m in love. Paper Source, $8.95 for a 30″ by 10′ roll.

If you’ve got a ton of presents to wrap and want an easy, color-coordinated gift wrap solution, this set of 6 matching rolls has you covered. Bonus: it comes in several color options, including black. Amazon, $19.99 for a set of six 30″ by 10′ rolls.

Love a good holiday berry motif but want a more neutral color palette? Say no more. World Market, $7.99 for a 30″ by 10′ roll.

This black and green plaid paper from Target’s new Hearth & Hand collection with Magnolia is sure to set your gifts apart. Target, $5.99 for a 30″ by 12′ roll.

If it doesn’t feel like the holidays without some extra shimmer and shine, this bold green triangle-patterned paper has you covered. Papyrus, $9.95 for a 30″ by 8′ roll.

You can use this white and gold grid paper year-round, but it’ll look stunning under the tree if you play up the gold details. Target, $6 for 30″ by 12′ roll.

Think out of the usual red-and-green box with this set of coordinated (but not matchy-matchy) jewel toned beauties. Amazon, $15.97 for a set of four, 25 sq. ft. rolls.

This vibrant red pinecone print is traditional enough that it’ll definitely feel like the holidays, but without being cheesy. World Market, $7.99 for a 30″ by 10′ roll.

If a hip, neutral, wintery botanical vibe is what you seek, look no further. Etsy, $6 for five 24″ by 17.3″ sheets.

You’ll have a blue Christmas—literally—with this snowy-looking Navy number. Paper Source, $9.95 for a 30″ by 10′ roll.

The fun, colorful, retro-y holly-patterned wrapping paper of your dreams has arrived—and bonus: it’s eco-friendly, too. Papyrus, $8.95 for a 30″ by 12′ roll.

For when you love red and white stripes, but would prefer they look more seersucker than giant candy cane. World Market, $7.99 for a 30″ by 10′ roll.

This cream and gold hexagon pattern is elegant with a cool geometric twist for the holidays, but subtle enough that you can use it for other occasions, too. Etsy, $6 for five 24″ by 17.3″ sheets.

Sorry, but I just can’t resist a reindeer motif with a subtle shimmer. Paper Source, $8.95 for a 30″ by 10′ roll.

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