A New Study Found The State With the Most Package Thefts

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and general holiday shopping craziness around the corner, odds are you’ll be having more packages delivered than usual. And with the uptick in package deliveries, there may be a higher instance in package theft. And while having a package stolen can range from a minor irritation (enjoy those size 12 slippers, my guy) to a major, budget busting problem, it is never fun to have something stolen from you.

Blink, a video home security company, recently surveyed 10,000 online consumers to find out which states have the biggest issues with package theft. It turns out that those in rural areas are more susceptible to package theft than those in cities. North Dakota, Vermont and Arkansas are the top three states with the highest rates of package theft, while Virginia has the lowest (guess it really is for lovers). You can see more on their interactive map here.

The company offered up a few tips for curbing package theft:

  • Schedule the delivery for when you are home
  • Leave delivery drop-off instructions
  • Install an outdoor security camera
  • Require a signature upon delivery
  • Place security stickers and yard signs on your property

Fun fact: Package Theft Thursday is 11/30, so celebrate as you see fit (please do not steal any packages).

Delivering more news on delivery:

// http://ift.tt/1XVo07s


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