Amazing ​DIY Woven Headboards for the Ultimate Cozy Bed

Turn up the coziness factor in your bedroom this fall and winter with these woven headboards—all of which will still look amazing any time of year. Don’t worry if you don’t have any weaving experience; these 8 approachable DIYs are totally doable by beginners. Pick up some wool, rope, flashing, wood, and more, and get weaving.

(Above) This delightfully chunky and cozy headboard is the result of a sophisticated methodology, but don’t be intimidated! You’ll only need about two hours to make one of your own, though be prepared to purchase at least $70 of super-chunky wool yarn if you don’t happen to have a stash.

Okay, maybe not high on the cozy scale, but you can get the woven look by transforming dowels and vinyl flashing into this whimsically oversized headboard. The included diagram will help you make the perfect headboard for any size bed.

This tutorial is more focused on building the bed and headboard and then adorning it with a wall hanging from Target, but you can make your own wall hanging using our macramé tutorial.

Wondering what to do with the extra 1,000 feet of rope you’ve got laying around? This is the project for you! You’ll also need steel conduit and a pipe cutter, unless you already have a suitable headboard which you can use as the foundation for the rope weaving.

Yes, this is a chair tutorial, but stick with me: build a headboard out of pipes using the BHG tutorial above, and then use this tutorial to weave this magical look. You will, of course, need to buy more rope than the DIY calls for!

Let someone else do the weaving for you! This clever headboard is made of jute rugs and placemats; stock up the next time you see them for dirt cheap at World Market or IKEA.

How To (Seriously!) Upgrade a Basic $40 IKEA FJELLSE Twin to a Beautiful Cane Bed on Apartment Therapy

Here’s another pre-woven project, this time utilizing ready-made cane webbing. A cane headboard adds a feeling of warmth and coziness to a winter bedroom, but will evoke lanais and tropical drinks come summer. In our tutorial, we upgraded an IKEA bed, but you could apply this technique to many other headboards.

Does faux weaving (fauxwove?) count? I declare that it does. BHG has very thorough instructions for putting together this trompe l’oeil headboard made of wood shims.



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