Fake It ‘Til You Make It: 13 Favorite Faux Christmas Trees

Want a fabulous tree without the schlepping, the watering, the needles everywhere, and the sad, sad, curbside funeral? Get yourself an artificial tree! These days they’re easy-to-assemble and available in a ton of styles to suit your home and holiday decor. Here are 10 of our favorites, all under $200, and the unexpected takeaway of this post is that Target is killing it at the faux fir game.


Let’s start out with a couple nice, straightforward, trees before we explore more whimsical options. This one is an all-around champ: 7.5-feet tall, great reviews, 750 bulbs, perfect for ornaments, basically the platonic ideal of a Christmas tree.

Here’s a classic yet apartment-friendly option: it’s 4.5-feet-tall, so it has a strong presence, but it’s quite narrow, meaning it can squeeze into very petite homes.

There’s something really charming and humble about a Noble Fir. It’s like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree that hung in there and grew up to be all that it could be. We’d love to see this strung up with dried lemons and other earthy and Old World-type ornamentation.


Such an unusual shape! Now we’re getting into it. This tree is utterly delightful, and it ensures plenty of room for presents. If you’re made of money, please consider installing an indoor forest of these throughout your home (and send us photos to feature).

Here’s a grown-up scraggly tree, a perfectly imperfect five-foot tall juniper that works indoors and out.

Another unusual and naturalistic contender from Target! This birch beauty is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and it is only made of two pieces, so assembly is super quick.

Ooh, this six-foot black beauty would look amazing in a black and white, Scandinavian-inspired home with Hygge holiday styling.

Your phone is rose gold, your hair is rose gold—why shouldn’t your tree be rose gold? This stunner has amazing reviews (4.5 stars/96 reviews) and a real sugarplum vibe.

Not only is this tree woodsy, beautiful, and available in three sizes, it comes with an excellent warning: “Do not decorate with open fire.” Don’t do it, guys!

Okay, “whimsical” might be an undersell here. This cheerful rainbow tree will be the talk of your holiday gathering.


Coming in at just over two feet tall, at this price, you could potentially scatter a few around your apartment for a truly winter wonderland vibe.

This scraggly cutie is just under two feet two and would be perfect on a table should you not have any room for a full-sized tree. It’s subtly glittered, and its chic gray wool wrap is a nice change from the usual burlap.

Should you want a really traditional, flocked tree but don’t have the space for it (or already have a full-sized tree and want smaller versions for around your home), this pint-sized faux option is pretty stunning.

NOTE: IKEA has a pretty good artificial evergreen tree selection, with all options priced under $80. None of them are available online, and they’re probably selling quickly, but take a look if you happen to be at IKEA!

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