How IKEA Does Boho: Our Top 21 Decor Picks — Cheap Thrills

The very essence of a bohemian lifestyle tends to go pretty firmly against big-brand commercialism, but if you’re more about the style and less about the ideals—and also looking for some cheap(ish) ways to round out your aesthetic—IKEA is, quite surprisingly, a great place to hunt. The brand’s minimal Swedish vibes might make you think eclectic decor is not to be found in the blue-and-yellow corridors of the retailer, but that’s where you’d be wrong. We picked out our top 21 home items to get the boho look at home, for less.


The bohemian look is all about the layering of textiles. Anything goes in this earthy, eclectic aesthetic, but we’re particularly fond of the following plant-happy curtains, kilim pillow covers and textural rugs (as individual pieces or paired together) to build the laissez faire vibe.


To get a truly bohemian look, it’s important to pair new pieces like the ones below with vintage or one-of-a-kind finds. A traditional sofa silhouette like that of the STOCKSUND works great when married with natural accents like wicker and rattan armchairs, ottomans and beyond. Though most of these furnishings are living room-friendly, feel free to pair them with a more ornate bed like the LEIRVIK and lots of cozy throws and quilts.

STORSELE Rattan Armchair in Black, $119 (Styling note: Pair it with the RENS Sheepskin draped along the back!)


Accents like clocks, small storage and lighting are the frosting that finish off a room. Some of our top IKEA boho finds include a net canopy (try it in your bedroom!), a classic brass floor lamp (every boho room can use a touch of the old school), a frilly wall clock, and, of course, a place to display your plant babies (because no boho space is complete without greenery).



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