A Toilet Cleaning Robot Is In The Works, and I, For One, Welcome This Particular Robot Overlord

Cleaning the bathroom is generally at the bottom of everyone’s favorite chore list. And while cleaning grout is tedious and scrubbing the tub is exhausting (unless you use this tip!) cleaning the toilet is just sort of…icky. SpinX is a toilet cleaning robot, here to save us from scrubbing the bowl ever again.

So how does this magical problem-solving robot work? You put the chargeable SpinX seat on your toilet (it is designed to fit up to 98% of the toilet bowls) and a robotic arm cleans the toilet bowl at the press of a button. According to a Spinx press release, features of the robot include:

  • The device is installed inside of a toilet lid cover that sets a soap-sudded jet stream and its robotic brush into motion
  • With the push of a button, a smart sensor scans the toilet’s shape and directs the robotic brush to thoroughly scrub the bowl
  • When SpinX is finished cleaning the bowl, the brush washes itself with a jet stream and soap, dries itself through a rapid spinning motion tucks itself back into its hidden compartment
  • It has water jets that line and fit both round and elongated seats, spray water and soap to sanitize the seat before self-drying with compressed air from two dryers

The Kickstarter has been fully funded and the reward versions of SpinX are all sold out, but we’ll be keeping an eye on this product and let you know when it’s ready to head to a (self cleaning) toilet near you.

More tricks and tips for cleaning the bathroom:

// http://ift.tt/1XVo07s


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