West Elm’s Holiday App Lets You Stream Fires in Stylish Fireplaces

One of my family’s favorite holiday traditions is turning on—and then ignoring—the hours of television aptly titled, Footage of a Burning Log. West Elm recently released a new holiday app that puts a stylish spin on my beloved footage a Yule Log. The app for Apple TV (and the corresponding YouTube channel) offer up not only the soothing and seasonal logs on the fire, but four different fireplaces and rooms from which to enjoy them.

A fun twist on a simple idea, the videos take catalog living to the next level. The rooms are luxe, modern, minimal and rustic, offering you some nice furniture to lust after along with a crackling fireplace. You kind of get to feel like you’re house sitting in someone else’s well appointed home, or in your own version of The Holiday.

Download the app and broadcast it to your TV via for a cozy holiday living room situation. I would also strongly suggest pulling the YouTube channel up while you’re working, the crackling fire makes an excellent productivity soundtrack.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a twist on a classic; Nick Offerman partnered with whisky brand Lagavulin for a very Ron Swanson-esque version back in 2015.

// http://ift.tt/1XVo07s


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