Ever Wonder What an Art Deco Take on The Simpson’s House Would Look Like?

One of the smartest and most interesting parts of The Simpsons is the balance of things that remain absolutely the same and what they let change with the times. Bart will never age, but he will get a cell phone. The Simpson family home has remained essentially the same over the course of the show’s 29 seasons (save for the couch gags), so the folks over at HomeAdvisor decided to re-imagine the Springfield institution in different styles.

Created by NeoMam Studios for HomeAdvisor, each take keeps the essence of The Simpsons home while adding in the hallmark of each architectural style.

While it is totally fun to imagine what kind of Homer would live in a Victorian (would he have hair? Love scones instead of donuts?), the page itself provides a great overview of these common styles and offers up some useful trivia for you to trot out at your next architecturally focused happy hour.

For example, this helpful little overview of Art Deco style:

Art deco signaled the beginning of modernity in architecture. Originally from France, the style features flat roofs, smooth stucco walls, and often bold exterior decorations like zigzags, swans, lilies, and sunrise motifs. The Chrysler Building in New York is one of the most famous examples of art deco architecture, but the style can also be found throughout Miami’s South Beach area.
Did you know? This style was mostly used for office buildings, so it’s rare to find an art deco home with a yard and a garage.

So head on over to HomeAdvisor to satisfy your alternate-universe Simpson curiosity, or just finally get a handle on what a Cape Cod actually is.

More TV homes and interiors:

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