Frontier is Offering $20 Flights Across The U.S., But You’ve Got to Be Quick

Frontier Airlines’ parent company announced a record-breaking order of new aircrafts last week and to celebrate Frontier is offering $20 flights across the U.S. until tomorrow 11/17 (or until they sell out). Grab your calendar, your wallet, a friend or two and get to planning the thriftiest-of-thrifty vacations!

Unlike a lot of sales of this nature, the discount tickets are available for a lot of major cities and places you’d want to escape to during the winter. But there are, of course, caveats. The dates the deal covers exclude holiday travel, December 5-16, January 9 -February 14. The deal is only good for flights Tuesday – Thursday and Saturday, you have to fly at 11:59 pm and you must sign up for the deal den (which is $49.99 for the year).

All that being said, if you grab the right flights the membership could definitely be worth it. And you’ll probably sleep easy on those red-eye flights knowing how much money you’ve saved. So…Apartment Therapy meet up in Miami?

h/t Travel and Leisure



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