15 Machine-Washable (Yes Washable!) Area Rugs

Earlier this week, I wrote about real rugs in the bathroom and how much I love the look. While many readers were totally onboard, others were seriously concerned with cleanliness, moisture and beyond. Look, I totally get it. I don’t agree with putting priceless Persian rugs at the foot of your tub; I’m not about aesthetics for the sake of aesthetics. But there’s another way. Let me introduce you to the machine-washable area rug.

My sister, who has super active 7-year-old twin boys and a dog with a penchant for marking his territory on any and all textiles that cross his paws, has always struggled with the desire for area rugs but the practicality of knowing they’d always be a mess with no real way to clean them. I sent her a text while I was beginning research for this post telling her I had found her solution. Her response when I told her about machine-washable rugs? “Lol. Those exist?!?”

Why yes, sister, they do. All the following 15 rugs (from four sources you should check out for more options) below can be thrown in the wash—most with regular detergent, others with proper rug cleaner—which means they can be used anywhere in your home (including the bathroom!). Everybody rejoice!

If you’ve never heard of Lorena Canals, you’re welcome. You’ll find really fashion-forward washable rugs and cushions (as well as really cute baskets, wall decor and blankets) for babies, kids and adults.

Hook & Loom is a great pick for green-conscious shoppers, as all their offerings are eco-friendly. Their cotton rugs are hand woven from recovered textile fibers with no dyes, chemicals or latex.

If you knew machine-washable rugs existed, you probably know about Ruggable. The brand is probably best known for this phenomenon, and use a two-piece system to accomplish it. Piece one is the rug design itself (this is what goes in the wash), piece two is the attachable non-slip pad (does not go in the wash).

Home Depot never ceases to amaze me. While many of their machine washable rugs are not exactly my taste, they do have some nice traditinal options from Ruggable (that I didn’t find on the Ruggable site), Ottomanson and more.

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