Hey Cowboy, This Wild West Tiny Home Is For Sale

The stars have aligned for those in search of putting down roots tiny house that’s situated in an equally tiny town. As long as you’re cool with having tumbleweeds as your nearest neighbor, this Old West-inspired tiny home located in Pioneertown, California will make for a suitable desert escape.

The secluded 150-square-foot home on Saddle Lane is on the market for $120,000, and it’s absolutely charming. It offers a visual throwback to the town’s famous origins; in 1947, Pioneertown was officially incorporated as a film set by a group of Hollywood investors, among them iconic Western stars Gene Autry and “King of the Cowboys,” renowned actor Roy Rogers.

We’d definitely be raising sand over having to rough it in the desert of all places, but a nature-loving minimalist would undoubtedly find plenty to enjoy about this quaint tiny home. The drywall and wooden exterior features a covered porch that offers unobstructed views of the mountains and surrounding desert. The sparse spot is equipped with several wood-framed windows that invite in tons of natural light but the layout only allows enough room for a loft mezzanine for sleeping or stargazing through a tiny window.

As cozy and nostalgic as it is, this miniature haven in the wide open West isn’t for the high-falutin’ type who insists on having excessive space and endless amenities. In other words, there’s no kitchen, bathroom or plumbing, so the buyer would have to either go back to the basics for meal preparation or renovate the place and install a well for water access. However, the San Bernardino County property encompasses 2.65 acres, has a solar energy system and comes with a nearby corral to accentuate the vintage Wild West feel (minus the shootouts and liquor-fueled saloon brawls).

h/t Estately

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