9 Unique Ways to Customize the BEKVAM Step Stool

IKEA’s BEKVAM step stool is the $20 item we see over and over again in readers’ homes. It’s solid wood and comes unpainted or in black or white. It’s super utilitarian – but can also add style to your home, especially if you take a little time to make it your own. Customize it to add function and flair, or keep it simple with a fresh coat of paint. Here are some of our favorite BEKVAM projects to get you thinking.

(Above) Stain and stencil your way to a better step stool in just a few easy steps, with Nicolette Tabram’s easy tutorial.

Take your step stool up a level with this learning tower hack from Happy Grey Lucky so your little ones can have a perfectly-sized place to help in the kitchen. Worried about safety? This hack includes a dowel rod installed across the back of the tower to keep the kiddos from falling backwards.

Bet you didn’t think to do this…Turn your stool into a his-and-hers dressing station (featured on Mi Casa Revista), complete with a shelf for shoes, and an extended wood piece complete with a hanger for coats, purses, and other things you might need to slough off at the end of the day. This could be a great solution for guest room nightstands.

Similar to the learning tower hack, this project from IkeaHackers.net includes an extended handle, perfect for kids learning to wash hands, brush teeth, and take care of themselves on their own.

Combine two affordable IKEA pieces for an adorable DIY nightstand, like this one from Hand Un Fuss. Use the bottom half of the BEVAM stool, and top it off with a MOPPE mini storage dresser, and fool everyone with your pseudo-carpentry skills.

If I could only have one toy as a kid, this might be at the top of my list – a mini BEKVAM stove complete with all IKEA necessities for any adult kitchen. See more on Ikeahackers.net.

There’s nothing a little coat of paint and upholstery can’t do! Place of My Taste chose to color block her stool and top it off with an IKEA sheepskin rug secured with a staple gun. Easy enough, right?

For a more delicate customization, try applying a waterproof lace doily material on top of your stool surfaces. This look from She Sows Seeds would be perfect in a little girl’s room or a country house.

Or if you don’t find a fabric to your liking, try a wallpaper or wrapping paper print. This stool from This Little Street uses Spoonflower removable wallpaper, so when you’re tired of the design, remove and replace with something fresh.

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