A Touch of This Electric Color Makes the Room, Every Time — Currently Obsesssed

There are some colors that you see and think, oh, that’s pretty. And then there are some colors that you see and you just have to look at them. For me, cobalt blue is that color. I just can’t help but want to drink in the electric hue. Every time I see it in a space, even if it’s just a little bit, it totally makes the room for me. Maybe for you, too. Check out these nine spaces (and 10 shoppable products) and decide for yourself.

Above: Pink and blue is a color combo we often associate with children, but when paired with cobalt blue, as in this space from Yellowtrace, it can be surprisingly sophisticated.

A cobalt blue lampshade adds a touch of the electric to the dining room of Miles Redd’s New York townhouse, spotted on How to Decorate.

This image from Eligo Studio isn’t a room, so much as just one cobalt blue chair, but if it was in a room that I was in I wouldn’t be able to look at anything else.

In this photo from Adore Home, a bright blue painting, set against a pale pink wall, almost glows.

Cobalt blue is so named for the cobalt-based pigment traditionally used to create it. Here it is enlivening the ceiling of a dining room from Nuevo Estilo. The rest of the room is mostly devoid of color, but that ceiling makes the space.

“That faucet really made the room” is not a thing you get to say often. But even though I can’t really see the rest of this kitchen, I feel confident that here, that is the case. This cobalt blue faucet is by Vola, spotted in an interior from Kitka, via The Kitchn.

You’ll sometimes see this color identified as Yves Klein blue, named for the artist and sculptor who worked almost exclusively in a particular shade of cobalt. One of my favorite creations of his is his Table Bleue, a glass coffee table filled with pigment in his namesake shade. It’s very beautiful and also costs $21,000, so I’ll just have to admire it in other people’s homes, like this one from Architectural Digest.

In this Australian home from Est Living, a drawer opens to reveal a brilliant bit of color. (If you love the look, it would be easy enough to recreate; it’d also be a nice added touch to a bookshelf of cabinet.)

On its own, cobalt blue is a pretty exciting color, but it’s especially dynamic when paired with its complement, orange, as in this space from Rue Mag.

Ready to add cobalt to your home? Check out some of our favorites right now:

  1. Deep Blue Acrylic Bookend at CB2, $99.95
  2. M Lamp at Moma Design Store, $285
  3. Eames DFSW Chair Ultramarine Blue at Moma Design Store, $549
  4. Colorplay Hourglass at Moma Design Store, Starting at $6
  5. Vintage Moroccan Wool Rug at ABC Carpet & Home, $1,950
  6. Staub Round Blue Cocotte at ABC Carpet & Home, $190
  7. Expound Desk in Blue at Domino, $69.49
  8. Lucien Bar stool at Made in Design, £266.00
  9. Halvar Acrylic Side Table at Urban Outfitters, $89
  10. Handcrafted Royal Blue Crochet Blanket at Etsy, $75

// http://ift.tt/1XVo07s


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