These Parents Had a Hilarious Reaction To Their Kid Drawing on the Wall

In general, kids are agents of destruction. Spills and messes follow in their wake, and it’s easy to freak out about it, or you could roll with it. When they found their kid drawing on the wall, these Canadian parents chose the latter.

Toronto based Eric and Kim Massicotte found their six year old, Ryan, drawing a house on the wall. Their reaction—which Eric shared on Twitter—is kind of genius.

The Massicottes popped a frame around that house, and added a museum worthy didactic panel next to it, giving the particulars of its creation and composition. It reads:

R. C. Massicotte (b. 2011)
Interrupted House, 2017
Marker on latex paint
Gifted to his parents, by surprise, Nov. 13th.

Check it out:

The tweet has garnered over 300,000 favorites, 120,000 retweets, and 900 replies, some from parents who detail their own children’s attempt at decorating, others who say the Massicottes "should return the favor" when Ryan buys a house, and then there’s this brilliant exchange of art criticism:

But if you don’t want to keep your kid’s masterpiece forever, you might want to invest in paint that’s easy to clean. We recommend a satin finish or glossier for their durability. And since many a child will draw on the walls at some point, you could consider only purchasing washable markers, or in a pinch, try using mayo to remove crayon (yes, really!).

h/t Popsugar



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