Hit The Travel Jackpot: Here’s How To Increase Your Odds of a Plane Row To Yourself

Everyone has their least favorite part of traveling. For some folks, it’s navigating the airport parking lot. For others, it’s taking their shoes off in the security line. Travel and Leisure recently rounded up a few tips to help you avoid another common travel headache—a row full of chatty seatmates (and/or the dreaded middle seat).

So how does one get an entire airplane row all to their lonesome? There are a few high-tech recommendations for helping you stretch out in silence. Seat Guru offers up seating charts to help you find the most empty rows when booking, which won’t guarantee solo travel, but can help you improve your odds. The app Expert Flyer provides seat alerts so you can keep an eye on the seat you want (aka all that free extra leg room in the emergency exit row) and keep an eye on the general layout of the plane.

As for good, old-fashioned, analog advice, try flying off-peak hours to increase your odds. Check in with gate agents to see if anyone is looking to switch—with families traveling together during the holidays, people may be more interested in playing seat shuffle than usual. And if all else fails, download a couple of podcasts, toss on a travel mask and breathe deeply.

More tips to make your holiday travel less stressful:

h/t Travel + Leisure

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