IKEA Reissues MALM Recall After Another Tipping Fatality

Do you have small children at home? IKEA wants to remind you that its dressers—including the popular MALM series—pose a tipping hazard when they’re not securely fastened to the wall.

The original voluntary recall was first announced in June 2016 following several reports of deaths and injuries caused by the units tipping over. The company was (and still is) offering free anchoring kits to repair the current pieces, or a full or partial refund for recalled models. They are also offering free pickup for those returning dressers, as well as free in home anchoring service.

“While the threat is serious, the solution is simple,” the recall states.

Dangerous tip-over incidents often occur when curious kids climb on furniture in an attempt to access TVs, toys, remotes or other desired items… Anchor TVs, furniture and appliances in the home. And when product recalls are announced, act on them immediately. Visit AnchorIt.gov to see how TV and furniture tip-over incidents occur and the simple steps to prevent them.

CNN notes that there have been 186 reports of MALM dressers tipping with 91 of them resulting in injuries. As for other dressers, there have been 113 reports, with 53 of them causing injuries. IKEA states that eight deaths have resulted from tipped dressers since 1989, the most recent in May 2017.

The recall affects children’s chests and dressers taller than 23.5 inches and adult chests and dressers taller than 29.5 inches that do not meet the performance requirements, including the following MALM pieces:

The non-MALM list includes HEMNES, TARVIK, TALVA, STOCKHOLM, NARVIK, and over 90 others.

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