Pretty Yet Practical Gifts to Delight the Consummate Homemaker — 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Domestic mavens are people who really seem to have themselves—and their homes—totally together. They cook, they clean, they sew, they serve fabulous meals, they do it all! Let them know that you recognize that there’s no such thing as effortless perfection, and that you respect and appreciate all of their efforts. And that you think they’re perfection.

This steamer looks as stylish as your recipient will! It heats up in only 2 minutes and can put out 90 minutes of steam.

Designed 25 years ago by the illustrious Michael Graves, this kitchen must-have remains a classic. Not to mention that a proper timer is so much more pleasant to use while cooking and baking than a phone timer!

This set is so ridiculously cute it could easily be mistaken for dollhouse cookware. These pans are the perfect combination of old-school Scandinavian style and high-tech construction.

While the rest of us have old “Cars 2” Band-aids jammed in a lidless Tupperware with an expired tube of Desitin, the true domestic maven needs a proper first aid kit in a classic Scandi tin.

The smart wi-fi-enabled Roomba robot vac can be programmed with your phone, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Set it and forget it!

The Kitchen-Aid Mixer is the Holy Grail for bakers, and this pale blue version is particularly delicious. Plus, it comes with three attachments.

This darling cube is so incredibly clever, allowing your favorite homemaker to instantly set a timer for baking, cooking, straightening, laundry soaking, and so much more.

Anchor Hocking makes sturdy, timeless kitchenware, including this super-handy canister set complete with the most darling wooden spoons.

Does someone on your list somehow always bring the conversation around to their beloved Dyson vac? Blow their minds with this Dyson fan that does have a remote control and doesn’t have deadly spinning blades.

Aaah, there’s nothing more satisfying than decanting bulk goods into perfectly sealed glass vessels, and if they’re also stackable and gorgeous? That’s the dream.

A Smeg fridge might be a bit much to give as a gift, but a Smeg toaster? All the covetable cuteness, no burly movers required.

This is the perfect gift for an aspiring domestic maven, especially someone who just moved into their first home. Get them started off on the right foot with this well-stocked set.

Every domestic god, goddess, and nonbinary deity knows that you can never have enough tea towels, especially if they’re charmingly striped.

The trash can of the future! This stainless steel beauty opens with just a wave, and for a bonus, it comes with a 5-year warranty. If you’re feeling extra generous, throw in a few packages of Code J custom-fit liners.

The subtitle says it all: “The Essential Guide to Caring for Everything in Your Home.” For a truly great gift, pair this book with My Boyfriend Barfed In My Handbag…And Other Things You Can’t Ask Martha.

A vacuum as a gift isn’t for everyone, but if there’s someone on your list who rivals Monica Gellar, this Miele model allows the recipient to clean floors, carpets, furniture, curtains, and cobwebby corners, thanks to the brush attachment, upholstery tool, and the regrettably named “Crevice Nozzle.”

For the always-polished dresser: This zippy little German number does everything an iron should do, but what is particularly impressive is its auto-shutoff: “Stops power after 8 minutes if left vertical, after 30 seconds if left horizontal or when tipped over.”

A power mop?!? Astounding. No more buckets of water or dingy mopwater! This mop of the future sanitizes pretty much every type of floor with no mess.

Both modern yet timeless, the price for this lovely set is amazing for 16 pieces of beautiful stoneware.

Pop over to Adrianna Adarme’s lovely blog, A Cozy Kitchen, for a taste of the creativity, deliciousness, and happiness this volume contains.

Here are the 11 settings this compact cutie provides: risotto, rice, sear, saute, simmer, soup, yogurt , boil/steam, slow cook high, slow cook low, and keep warm. CHANGE SOMEONE’S LIFE.

Lodge is famous for their no-nonsense cast-iron cookware, but even a 120-year-old company needs to let loose. This apple might seem like a just-for-show piece, but it can fry, saute, simmer, and bake.

Janome has long been a respected name in the sewing machine world. This model is the perfect combo of the old and the new: it has the latest power and accuracy science can offer, without extras like wi-fi, digital screens, etc., that a certain type of sewer has zero need for. Plus an all-metal body means it can zip through heavier upholstery fabrics.

There’s endless uses for a good cloche: if you love a gardener, they can use it to create a terrarium, bakers can display cakes in it, and holiday enthusiasts can fill it with vintage glass ornaments and twinkle lights.

Eight wine glasses for $15?!? Give these shatter-resistant glasses to someone who’s always entertaining…and therefore always buying new wine glasses.

A beautiful hardwood piece like this just gets better with age; the recipient can pass it down someday! Ensure its longevity by including a small bottle of wood oil.

Even the most hardcore host could always use another serving, cutting, and/or cheese board, especially one this stunning.

Filtered water is great, ugly plastic filters are not-so-great. This one, on the other hand, is amazing! BPA-free plastic, white oak handle, and a charming cone add up to the perfect pitcher.

Anyone who’s serious about tea or coffee should have an electric kettle, especially one that has a filter, shatter-resistant glass, and the timeless aesthetic of a stainless steel French press.

*Note: All prices were accurate during the editing process, but may have fluctuated since then. If they have, hopefully the items are less expensive and not more expensive!

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