The Many Apartments of Pieces of April

This year I’m thankful for a lot, but mostly Pieces of April. There’s a lot to love about the 2003 classic: the fresh and touching plot, the real look at relatives, and stellar performances from Katie Holmes, Derek Luke, and wish-they-were-your-parents Oliver Platt and Patricia Clarkson. But a big part that got me is that Thanksgiving takes place in an apartment on the Lower East Side.

With respect to another classic, Pieces of April trades the suburban mansion that is most holiday films’ definition of home for a six-floor Manhattan walk-up, showing that togetherness isn’t solely the provenance of tree-lined driveways and roaring fireplaces.

And it doesn’t just take place in an apartment, but many apartments — as April runs from floor to floor, trying to cook her turkey, we get a peek into the rooms and lives of her neighbors. As a city kid, I loved that home was urban. As a nosy person, I loved the chance to look inside everyone’s place.

If you can’t tell by now, I like this movie. A lot. A tribute to the residents and their apartments seems like the least I can do.

(Image credit: MGM/United Artists)

April and Bobby (3C): Our protagonists’ place has that look a lot of people’s do when they’re starting out: scattershot sense of decor, vaguely vintage, bead curtain. Oh right, and a huge, uncooked turkey.

(Image credit: MGM/United Artists)

Man in Mohair Sweater (1C): Hoarding. Cats. April doesn’t get beyond his doorway, which is probably for the best.

(Image credit: MGM/United Artists)

Evette and Eugene (2B): African art and textiles decorate the walls of this no-nonsense couple’s abode. Although initially Evette bursts out laughing at April’s “white girl problems”, they’re soon seated on their overstuffed leather couch, which looks as comfortable as they are kind.

(Image credit: MGM/United Artists)

Tish (4A): We don’t actually see the inside of Tish’s apartment, just a doorway with lots of political stickers and a hint of a dreamcatcher. Unfortunately, her liberal philosophy does not extend to cooking meat.

(Image credit: MGM/United Artists)

Wayne (5D): What is this guy doing with a new convection oven in this building? Why do creeps have cute pugs? These are all questions. Wayne’s surroundings are immaculate — so spotless, it’s a little uncomfortable.

(Image credit: MGM/United Artists)

The Tans (apartment unknown): The Tans’ home is pretty with lacquer and lucky with red, and the latter works: April’s turkey does its final stint in their oven, and comes out golden and perfect.

(Image credit: MGM/United Artists)

P.S.— You can watch it on Amazon or Hulu right now.



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