Fa-La-La-Fabulously Festive Gifts for the Holiday Enthusiast — 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Most of us know a holiday enthusiast: someone who bakes like Nigella, decorates like Buddy the Elf, carols like Scully of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and gives gifts like Leslie Knope. They are hardcore about the holidays, so only the most magical, unexpected, over-the-top, and tasteful holiday swag will do. Treat them to what they really want with these fabulously festive gifts.

If someone on your list tends towards boas and glitter, this is the ornament for them. And since it’s a clip-on, they could potentially wear it!

Know someone who loved the episode of “Modern Family” in which Al Bundy apologized for his curmudgeonly ways with a surprise snowfall (in Los Angeles), this snow machine is for them!

Christmas music lovers desperately need this addition to their collection. Ella Fitzgerald is the greatest, and “Good Morning Blues” is a good addition to the Christmas canon.

This kit is perfect because, first of all, these cookie cutters are teeny and adorable, but second of all, you can give the whole set to your favorite baker OR tie one on everyone’s gift.

The cover of this book alone will make baking and winter enthusiasts gasp with delight. The helpful tips and tricks are just a bonus.

Since so much of Christmas is about (real or imagined) nostalgia, a Christmas enthusiast will be sure to love this fascinating deep dive into the style and treats of holidays past.

If your pet enjoyed our Halloween Costume roundup, they’ll definitely need this “ugly” sweater, complete with pom poms. Available in four sizes to fit your puppers perfectly.

Hang this over your child’s bed during the night, so its the first thing they see when they awake on Christmas morning. Making memories!

Many holiday enthusiasts will welcome the chance to learn about Makahiki, Hawaii’s 4-month winter festival which includes feasting, dancing, sporting, and cessation of warfare.

These are magical and whimsical and we need more bubble-based decorations in these modern times.

Send ultra-modern, non-denominational cards that evoke himmeli. Bonus: they come with impossibly cool “slate shimmer” envelopes!

If you know someone who tends toward toned-down, tasteful holiday decor (like, no tinsel), these classic cable-knit stockings will suit them perfectly.

For most of us, living in the ’40s and ’50s would be an impossible nightmare, but those decades did bring us some amazing ornaments. These two beauties are trippy, glittery and gorgeous.

This wonderfully wild wreath will look appropriate all winter long, and heck—all spring and summer, too. Add a string of battery-powered lights for some extra sparkle.

A perfect all-purpose gift: beautiful glass, elegant box, and the irresistible scents of pomegranate, Mandarin orange, pine, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, and amber.

Recipes from Ina Garten and an essay from Queen of Christmas Mariah Carey? A total must-have. And giving a Kindle edition means saving the recipient from the dreaded More Stuff.

Mouth-blown! Hand-painted! Hand-glittered! The inherent wonder of bees and honey! This is perhaps the most magical ornament I’ve ever seen. The holiday decorating enthusiast is sure to be left buzzing with this gift.

Drugstore advent calendars have their charm, but this—now this is an advent calendar. It is particularly perfect for a holiday enthusiast who favors a Scandinavian-inspired style.

These are ideal for New Year’s Eve—and the rest of winter, frankly. The glittery garland lover you love will never want to take them down.

From a distance, this is a fairly standard—if a bit loud—sweater, but from close up? Video game Santas being as jolly as possible!

Hammond’s is rightfully famous for their handmade, old-school candy canes, and here they’ve combined candy cane stirrers with fluffy marshmallows and double-chocolate cocoa mix. What’s not to love?

Tea in pretty tins is the gift that keeps giving: once your holiday enthusiast has enjoyed all the tea, they can use the festive tins to hold ornament hooks, light clips, and other holiday ephemera.

If you’re shopping for a hardcore holiday baker, treat them to a gorgeous (and low-price!) marble rolling pin that will make their life easier and their pies more deliciously flaky.

If someone loves the holidays, they probably love hosting, which means they need a cozy, wintery throw for each and every one of their house guests—and one for themselves for snuggling by the fire!

Even the most serious bakers hesitate to buy themselves indulgent, whimsical pans that might only be used once a year. Give your favorite baker the over-the-top pan they truly desire.

*Note: All prices were accurate during the editing process, but may have fluctuated since then. If they have, hopefully the items are less expensive and not more expensive!

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