Our Absolute Favorite Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas for 2017

Chances are you already have your holiday music blaring while you drive to work, a peppermint mocha permanently in your hand, and strings of twinkling fairy lights lighting up every corner of your living space. It’s finally that magical time of year, and with it comes a Christmas tree tucked into a corner. If you want to try something new this year in terms of tree decor but aren’t exactly sure what, peek ahead for inspiration. From plaid ornaments, flocked branches, Scandinavian garlands, to kitschy tree toppers, there’s a little bit for everyone’s aesthetic. Whether you try to copy a tree from head-to-toe or just take a few elements from different photos and incorporate them into your own house is up to you, just get ready to get inspired!

Farmhouse Christmas Tree

If you like a farmhouse aesthetic when it comes to your holiday decorating, take a cue from Love Grows Wild and swap out the tinsel for pine cones on your tree. There are also jingle bells, tufts of cotton, and snowflake ornaments, but I think the star of the show are the different sized white bulbs. Having them vary between large and small adds an interesting element to the tree that doesn’t make it feel too uniform.

Simple Stocking Tree

If you don’t like ornaments tumbling over each other, this simple stocking tree from Savvy Southern Style is as charming as it is quaint.

Minimal Scandinavian Tree

Featuring a wooden garland, tree cut-out ornaments, and simple bulbs all in varying shades of white and silver, this tree from Homey Oh My is the perfect Scandinavian template to inspire you.

Pom Pom Tree Topper

For those that want to shake up the traditional red-and-green color scheme in their homes, or just have a more playful holiday aesthetic, this pom pom tree topper from Oh Joy! is a charming way to channel that style.

Floral Tree

Another idea for those that want to go the nontraditional route this year is to create a floral-themed tree. Skip the gingham and Santa ornaments, and instead create a garland of flowers twisting around your fir. To give you an idea, this one from Design Love Fest incorporates citrus-colors, in the form of daisies, peonies, and more. Do you like this idea, but prefer to have a more classic holiday color scheme? Just try to find flowers in the hues you’re most comfortable with! And you can always blend in ornaments with this design, too—remember, this isn’t an ironclad template, but a source of inspiration to get you thinking!

White Themed Tree

This dreamy white themed tree makes you think of snowy evenings by the fire, and walks in freshly fallen snow. Pull inspiration from Donna’s tree from The Decorated House, paying special attention to the differently sized white bulbs, the dripping icicle ornaments, and the bold, snowflake adornments to fashion your own version at home.

Grayscale Tree

If you’re favorite look, no matter what the holiday, is gray and white, then Dear Lillie has you covered. She created a grayscale tree that’s still plenty festive, but also speaks to that sleek and elegant side of your aesthetic.

Kitschy Tree

If you want to skip the “Pottery Barn normality” of the holidays, as Aunt Peaches puts it, then this color-bombed tree can be the answer to your eclectic prayers. Check out her blog to see how to make the colorful yarn tassels, drinking straw ornaments, and glitter-bombed pinecones.

Honeycomb Tree

If you have little kids or an unruly cat that likes to pull down all the ornaments, try swapping out the glass adornments for playful honeycombs like Lovely Indeed did. Or if you gravitate towards a more decorated tree, you can try adding small honeycombs into the mix of your usual adornments to get the same feel as this tree.

Red & White Scandinavian Tree

Make your tree feel like one giant holiday stocking with this cozy red-and-white aesthetic. From mini birdhouses, cloth ornaments, and simple heart and tree cut-outs, this design from Pippa Jameson Interiors is a cozy way to ring in the holidays.

Bunted Tree

Channeling a modern barnhouse aesthetic, this simple tree with red and white bunting and snowflake decor from The Wood Grain Cottage is a fun look.

Neon Tree

If bright pops of color are your love language, check out this neon honeycomb look whipped together by Claire Collected.

Elf Trees

Whether you want them on your porch or tucked away into a corner in your apartment, these adorable elf trees from Moa Home are the perfect DIY to add a touch of whimsy into your living space.

Paper Garland Tree

Take it back to your childhood days with a paper link chain draped across the branches of your tree. This tree from Good Housekeeping gives some major Nordic vibes with its simple, old-world style.

Card Decorated Tree

Make use of your favorite holiday cards that you got in the mail, and string them up like a garland across your tree, just like Country Living did here.

Geometric Tree

Whether your geometric ornaments are store-bought or you hand craft them yourself on a weekend, this geometric tree brings something modern and fresh to your holiday decor. You can go all in, like Lia Griffith did with her tree, or you can borrow a few accents from this contemporary design. Whether you like the felt garland, the outlined stars, or geometric ornaments, you can pick and choose the elements that speak to you.

All Honeycomb Tree

If you have a holiday party coming up and want something festive and eye-catching in your living room, this honeycomb tree from Sugar & Cloth is a fun punch of color.

Clustered Pom Pom Tree Topper

Bored with the usual star-on-top blueprint? Try this quirky pom pom tree topper DIY from Sugar & Cloth to shake things up this year.

Back To Basics Tree

If you don’t like to pile on the ornaments and prefer to have a more sparse look, then this tree from Country Living can give you some inspiration. Using flowers, pine cones, and white bulbs all widely spaced from each other, this tree doesn’t feel busy, but looks plenty decorated.

Black & White

If you love a classic black and white motif, then this tree by Destiny from Just Destiny is for you. Featuring black and white striped ribbons, marbled ornaments, flocked branches, and mini sleds, this is a great way to stay festive but still pull off a black and white color scheme.

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