Tool-Bench Essentials & Gear the DIYer Actually Wants This Year — 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

The great thing about having a DIY enthusiast on your shopping list is that they always need something: they have a drill but they need a cordless drill, they have a tape measure but not a laser measure, or they simply have a ton of tools and no way to transport, organize or store them. Make all of the projects they tackle this year even more fun and fulfilling by giving them something from this list. It need not contain a laser, but everybody does love lasers.

Let’s get this out of the way: there’s no greater gift you can give a DIYer than a gift card to a hardware store. They’ll be like a kid in a candystore, and (bonus!) Lowe’s sells actual candy, too.

If you’re handy but someone on your list isn’t (yet), get them the Show and a gift card good for 10 free anytime video consultations so you can walk them through repairs and projects both major and minor.

This little number takes all the guesstimating out of measuring, thanks to a precise digital readout. Even better: it has three memory functions, meaning your favorite builder won’t have to stop measuring to find a pencil or convince themselves that they’ll remember.

Imagine a Caboodle overflowing with Wet-N-Wild eyeshadow and Dr. Pepper Lipsmackers, and you’ll understand how satisfying this kit would be to your beloved DIYer. Perhaps give them this and the Caboodle!

Perfect for the jauntiest gent of any gender on your list, this lovely leather-adorned tool roll could serve double-duty as a clutch, it’s so fabulous.

How can a hammer be a multi tool when it’s already a tool? Well, this one leaves all other hammers in the dust, thanks to its wire cutters, pliers, screwdrivers, bottle opener, reamer, saw blade, file, knife, and beautiful white wood handle. It’s the Swiss Army Knife of tools.

Mag-Lites are the flashlight gold standard, so for anyone who is regularly tinkering around in the attic, basement and beyond, look no further.

Cross-section illustrations are fascinating to kids of all ages, so this guide would make for a great coffee table book when it’s not being used for repairs and renovations.

This sassy tote is perfect for weekend getaways, thanks to its roomy interior, sturdy handles, and secure straps—hang on, word has just come in that this is a tool bag and not a weekender. Life is a rich tapestry.

Okay, this is definitely a tool bag. The giveaway is that there’s a drill inside! DeWalt drills are ridiculously reliable and reasonably priced, so this kit is a great gift for anyone.

The world needs more multi-tool jewelry, and so does at least one person on your list. This gorgeous stainless steel bracelet is a bit of a splurge but it features wrenches, screwdrivers, picks, hooks, and more—and it’s TSA compliant!

The subtitle says it all: “How to Repair, Clean, and Maintain Anything and Everything In and Around Your Home.” All that info in a lay-flat format. So smart!

Great safety goggles are the type of things people aren’t quick to buy themselves, so give the gift of (continued) sight with this hardcore-looking pair. Available in clear or smoked.

There are a lot of toolbox options out there, but this is the classic iteration. Elegant, timeless and the most perfect red: everyone should have one.

Durable, heavy duty and good-looking enough to serve as a kitchen island of desk: this workbench is a rare piece of furniture. Make it a true gift by assembling it for the recipient.

Clamp lights are the best, and this one is cool enough to use in any room of the house. Go the extra mile by including a 60W Max E26 Base Bulb with this gift.

Rotary tools are so incredibly handy, and everyone should have one! This handy kit also includes 28 accessories for any job that needs to be done.

The digital tape measure was a great gift, and you should definitely buy one for someone on your list, but this is a laser measure. This compact number can measure up to 35 feet. This is the future!

Once you’ve painted with a sprayer, you’ll never go back to brush or roller. Give your favorite remodeler the gift of fine, evenly dispersed paint, no compressor required.

Did you decide to buy the workbench for your favorite DIYer? Aughtn’t you also buy them this lovely adjustable steel stool? For sure.

Give your handiest friend the gift of no longer having to hold a flashlight in their teeth whilst they attempt to make repairs. That Mag-Lite makes a great gift, but it’s probably not very delicious.

Pegboards: they’re not just for Julia Child anymore! Help your handy dandy pals keep all of their tools right at hand. Those little yellow bins are especially helpful.

Take one look at the photos of ways to use this moldable glue—it turns into rubber!—and you’ll find yourself ordering a pack for yourself and one for everyone on your list. The perfect stocking stuffer!

Every task deserves an appropriate apron, and this gorgeous rendition was made for woodworking, barbecuing, and any other heavy-duty activities.

Can you believe that you can give a loved one something called the Bucket Boss Bucketed Bucketeer, and for only $16? What a world. This apparatus turns a humble 5-gallon bucket into the handiest thing around.

*Note: All prices were accurate during the editing process, but may have fluctuated since then. If they have, hopefully the items are less expensive and not more expensive!

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