Treat Yo’ Self: 10 Luscious Gifts to Give Yourself This Holiday

Who says you can’t sneak a gift to yourself in the midst of all the selfless shopping for everyone else? Before you choose that next perfect, thoughtful gift for your second-cousin-once-removed, head over to Etsy for a sweet little treat for yourself.

For a tiny treat with big impact, pick up this luscious-smelling tube of coconut-oil infused bath salts and soak away the holiday stresses.

Is this meant for kids? Maybe. But come on. A kitten in Rainbow Brite-approved gear is way too cute to leave to the little ones. Not into felines? Seemingly the entire animal kingdom is available in whimsical vintage-style portraits from this artist couple.

Love your beer? You need this rustic-cute soap, made in the Ozarks with love from beer, olive oil infused with hops, and hops flowers.

One of the throwback glamours of staying at a super-posh hotel is personalized stationery on the desk. No need to book into the Mandarin Oriental though; dress up your home desk with these luxe letterpress-look note cards.

Wishing you were anywhere but in the thick of holiday mayhem? Nothing says take a breath like candlelight and this yummy one conjures up a snug, warm cabin somewhere in the wild, far from any shopping list.

Can’t get to the ski slopes? Bring the ski lodge home with these puppies, sturdy wood coasters with that distinctive Aspen bark trim.

Seriously, something about a campfire mug makes you feel all toasty and outdoorsy. This classic white-and-speckle charmer goes hand in hand with your fuzziest sweater and a mug of something warm and cheering.

On the dreariest of December days, dream of the bluest of African skies with these oversize tea towels napkins (which can also stand in as placemats!).

#havethisthingwithmaps? Indulge your inner globetrotter with this sweet brass locket intricately detailed with a map of the world.

You deserve a splurge and this unbelievably cozy kimono is it. Soft and wrinkly and made for lounging all day, the linen wrap comes to you from Lithuania.

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