Twitter Has A Lot of Feelings About This New Holiday Trend

If 2017 left you feeling like your life got flipped turned upside down, then you wouldn’t be the only one. And there’s a new (whimsical?) holiday trend to support the state of affairs, and we have Karl Lagerfeld to thank/blame.

On Wednesday, Claridge’s unveiled their annual Christmas tree, a tradition which hospitality site The Caterer calls “one of the highlights of the London hotel festive season”, and this year, it’s… upside down.

The installation was designed by Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld, and features a “sixteen foot high inverted tree with silver gilded roots topped with a multi-faceted mirrored star which reflects rays of magical light across the art deco lobby,” says the Claridge’s website. It’s meant to be “reminiscent of a silver stalactite” and “is inspired by Lagerfeld’s childhood memories of Christmas” which, by the looks of it, took place down the rabbit hole in Wonderland.

But Lagerfeld’s is not the only tree that’s flipped; Twitter users have been sharing quite a few:

Twitter is (mostly) not having it, with 88 percent of respondents to a TODAY show poll saying they hate the look.

If you’re a fan, though, you can get the look at home, thanks to Target. The retailer sells five (yes, five) different upside down trees, ranging from $285 for a half tree (yes, this is a thing) to over $1,000 for a seven and a half footer.

How do you feel about upside down trees? Tell us in the comments.

h/t Bustle, Teen Vogue



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