Grab Some Alone Time With This Quirky Privacy Chair

For most adults with busy lives, it’s a privilege to be able to whisk oneself away from present company. Thankfully, Ukrainian design studio MZPA just made the act of finding some quiet space a lot easier with its super comfy, pro-privacy chair named “The Planet.” Reflective of its celestial-inspired moniker, the chair is shaped like an orb with a huge opening that gives the sitter the sensation of being the sole occupant of their very own world.

In a perfect world, we’d each be able to escape to our own private islands when we needed time to reflect, unwind or simply respond to a few emails with zero interruptions. But for the time being, “The Planet” offers a more convenient (and much cheaper) solution. This quirky yet stylish seating option appears to be a more sophisticated, modern version of the classic papasan chair (which is said to be making a comeback, BTW).

Available in black and white (and other colors by request), the chair is equipped with enough technology to make it comfortably function as a secluded office space. The exterior is constructed from triangular plywood segments connected by steel, screws and a metal cover. Segments can be added or removed to alter the shape or adjust the degree of privacy based on the owner’s preference. The interior comes with a standard storage pocket, a built-in cup holder and an ergonomic leather mattress with filler positioned on a set of four legs. Optional equipment includes an LED lamp with a battery, a laptop stand, a speaker system and solar panels. Pricing is available upon request.

It may be too soon to assume that companies will quickly swap their traditional cubicles for these comfy pods, but “The Planet” certainly offers everything necessary to help you fully detach from the outside world and get into lounge or work mode.



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