These Kickstarter-Funded Towels Use Silver To Clean Themselves

Now that studies have assured us that our towels are dirtier than we think, it’s time to take even more preventative measures to keep our washcloths as germ-free as possible. Experts maintain that routine laundering with hot water and activated oxygen bleach will do the trick, but for the germophobes who remain sufficiently skeeved out by the thought of a potential E. coli-carrying cloth, a self-cleaning towel named Silvon is here to set you at ease and send your fears spiraling down the drain.

A Kickstarter campaign for the product has already exceeded its $20,000 goal more than eight times over, so reaching for a damp, musty towel might soon be a thing of the past.

Silvon is made of absorbent, sustainably grown organic cotton with fibers coated in pure silver that are said to be “finer than human hair.” Silver coated towels might seem over the top, but the positive charge carried by the precious metal in Silvon helps to attract and ultimately eliminate bacteria, which tends to thrive on bath towels.

According to the company’s Kickstarter, Silvon towels were created without the assistance of harsh chemicals or nanotechnology and underwent a decade of thorough testing “at research institutions including Pennsylvania State University and Cornell University.”

Unlike ordinary towels that should be washed after two days of use, the creators of Silvon say it’s best to wash the silvery cloths “every one to two weeks” on the gentle cycle with cold water (avoid using chlorine bleach), followed by tumble drying on low heat, but skip the fabric softener.

A pledge of $69 gets you a set that includes a bath, hand and face towel, and orders are expected to begin shipping in February 2018.

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