15 Gift Ideas for Dad That Are Better Than (Yet Another) Tie — 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Sometimes the easiest people to shop for can be the hardest. Case in point: dads. Usually content with just about anything you wrap up—heck, even if you didn’t wrap it, they’d be happy—the options seem endless. Enter paralysis of choice. If you can’t decide between the tool kit, that new piece of tech or those cushy slippers this year, we narrowed down our top picks to give dear old dad (no ties allowed).

This is an excellent of-the-month club: the recipient gets one exclusive record (three the first month!), an art print, and a cocktail recipe every month, and can swap out unloved records.

Everyone could use one of these, especially someone who recently announced he wants to get super into grilling.

Your dad can cold brew coffee at home, then instantly decant it into the stainless travel mug, where it will stay cold for 24 hours. What is he doing in the meantime? That’s his business!

This is one of Oprah’s Favorite Things, and if it’s good enough for Oprah, it’s good enough for your dad. This is for the type who’s already super into grilling and wants to go further.

This book includes tips for calming a baby, so it’s not all how to survive a multi-wolf attack, but consider whether your dad is the type who wants to learn “how to wrestle an alligator.”

We’re at the tech tipping point when everyone is finding they need a charging command center, and this unit (walnut veneer, gloss white, or bamboo) is such a pretty one.

Get your dad into manicures with this stylish kit, and by this time next year he’ll be so hooked on them that you can give him a gift card to a proper nail salon…and you can go together!

One of those gifts that keeps on giving: your dad makes hot sauce, and either he gives you a bottle of amazing hot sauce, or he explodes the kitchen, yielding a classic family story.

This cozy, timeless robe comes in five sizes, two heights, and six plaids, so consider getting one for all of your parents.

If your dad is generous to a fault, give him a set of impeccable glasses that are just for him, because there’s only one of each. For a bonus, give one bomber of each type of beer.

Does your dad dream of hosting esoteric film festivals? Does he want to host a weekly outdoor “RuPaul’s Drag Race” watch party (or is that just you?)? He definitely needs this all-in-one home theater.

Do you have a sibling? They can get your dad the coffee cold brewer, and you can give him this gorgeous glass, stainless steel, and concrete pour-over station.

Here’s a classy set that can either replace your dad’s old beat-up set or use to teach him to play. A new family tradition!

A certain type of parent loves both exquisitely crafted cocktails with obscure ingredients and setting hunks of wood on fire, so the recipe for the Maple Smoke Fizz will bring them joy.

Your dad gets a fabulous shaving set (complete with monogrammed razor handle, for an extra $10) and you don’t have to gift wrap it or pay for shipping. Something for everyone!

Click for more great gift ideas:

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