10 IKEA Buys To Make the Most of a Small Bedroom

A tiny bedroom can be nice and cozy, but it can also be a bit of a storage nightmare. How do you squeeze everything you need into a room that’s barely big enough for a bed? Originating as it did in Europe, where tiny apartments abound, IKEA knows a few things about small bedrooms. Here are 10 IKEA picks for your tiny sleeping space—some specifically designed to solve small-bedroom woes, and others that just happen to be perfect for smaller spaces.

This nightstand is less than a foot wide, so it fits into the narrowest of spaces. Inside, there’s a deep drawer and a place to hide a charger for your phone.

This simple wall mounted shelf, only 10 inches wide, is a perfect place to perch a few essentials in a bedroom too small for a nightstand, as seen on Kelsey Design.

As seen in this picture from Decor8, the Trones, designed as a cabinet for storing shoes, can also be very useful as a nightstand. At only 7 inches deep, it’s narrow enough to fit into even the tightest of spaces.

This is another great solution for creating a nightstand in a very small space—and it adds a lot of extra storage to your bedroom, too. (For other ways to use the Lack wall shelf, in the bedroom and elsewhere, check out this post.)

You’ve probably seen beds with built-in drawers, but here’s a headboard that has built-in storage, too. Books and magazines can tuck into the compartments on either side of the headboard, maybe eliminating the need for a nightstand, and other books can be stacked on top. (You can also buy this piece together with the matching storage bed.)

These wardrobes, which are available with frames as narrow as 20 inches wide, can be a lifesaver in a bedroom without much closet space. In this London home, two wardrobes flank the bed, adding extra storage and a bit of a cozy feel, too.

For bedrooms where closet space is at a premium, this floor mirror provides an extra bit of hanging space.

Used in a bedroom, the hooks on this mirror are perfect for hanging bags, jewelry, or even the not-quite-dirty but-not-quite-clean clothing that tends to pile up on furniture or on the floor.

The Vadro innovates underbed storage with casters that make it easy to pull out, and a canvas cover that’s much less bulky than a lid.

If you like the idea of a desk in your bedroom but are having trouble fitting one in, try a wall-mounted desk, like this combo. It’s labeled simply as a shelf, but works quite well as a wall-mounted laptop desk (or even a dressing table).

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