This Huge Mattress Is Literally Twelve Feet Wide — And You Can Buy It

Are you part of a co-sleeping family, but things are getting a little too snug? There’s a mattress for that. Are you and your partner both over 6’5” and sleep in starfish position? Yep, there’s a mattress for that. Are you single and just want an endless expanse of bed all to yourself? There’s also a mattress for that.

The Ace Collection has released a family sized bed that is 144 inches wide. That is 12 whole feet of bed. That sort of sleep-related luxury doesn’t come cheap, however, as the mattress package will set you back a cool $4,050. They sell bed frames for those who prefer not to store their gigantic mattress on the ground, offering a basic frame or a more luxe option of a white platform and headboard. They also sell bedding because let’s face it, no one wants to sew their own monstrous fitted sheet.

The company offers two other smaller, but still note-worthy mattresses, Ace and Ace Player and all mattresses come in soft, medium and firm. If you’re feeling crafty, you can take notes from this couple and DIY your way into a gigantic, pet-filled bed. So whether you’re a co-sleeper, space hog, tall person or one of Miley Cyrus’s many dogs, there’s always room for you in this bed.

h/t Cafe Mom



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