The Surprisingly Affordable Gift Idea to Steal Straight From Kate Middleton

With this week’s announcement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement, it seems like royal fever is running high. And while the soon-to-be Mrs. Prince Harry and current victor of the world’s favorite ginger is a news outlet favorite at the moment, we haven’t forgotten about the darling Duchess of Cambridge. In fact, the incredibly stylish Kate Middleton may just be the key to the perfect gift this holiday: her surprisingly affordable customized Merci Maman necklace.

The Duchess has been spotted in the past wearing the necklace reportedly gifted to her by the brand for the birth of Prince George (a nod to the round charm necklace Princess Diana wore with William’s name engraved onto it). And while you might think that anything a royal dons is basically a pipedream and completely unattainable, that’s where you’d be wrong because you can get this thoughtful piece of jewelry on Etsy (of all places!). The Duchess Necklace by the UK brand (which you can get in 18k gold plated or 925 sterling silver) is only £99 (about $140) plus free international delivery.

So, if you have a mom, sister, spouse or friend with an affinity for the Royal Family who may or may not have checked their DNA recently for any signs of noble English blood (sorry to out you mother of mine…), we’re happy to have helped you find the perfect gift for them.



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