Brilliant Gifts Under $20 When a Card Just Isn’t Enough

When it comes to close friends and family, buying gifts is often a lot easier. You know them, and you’re probably willing to spend a little more (not just money, but time and effort) to get them a gift that they’ll really love. But for everyone else on your list—when a card just doesn’t feel like enough on its own—there are small things you can do that they’ll definitely appreciate.

If you’re struggling to find the right gift—something thoughtful, but not too intense—that’s also inexpensive, these gift services and ideas can help.

A Nifty Customizable Gift

Custom Gift Box (above from Greetabl, Starts at $9)

Greetabl is a great solution for when you need to put together a small, inexpensive but thoughful gift box—simply choose a box design, then pick from small gifts like candy, hand creams, bath bombs, moleskin notebooks and more.

A Personalized Candy Delivery

Cater to their sweet tooth with a little surprise from Sugarwish—the Duet box comes with two 1/4 pound bags of the candy of their choice. All you have to do is select the gift box size and write a little note, and the recipient will get an email that allows them to pick their favorite treats—they’ll receive the package shortly after they choose.

A Seasonal Candle

When it comes to small token gifts, you can’t go wrong with a candle—especially one as adorably packaged and seasonally relevant as this one, which has three different holiday scents. The one above, “good Cheer,” is a blend of mandarin orange, apple, brandy and seasonal spices.

A Unique Ornament

A cute ornament, like this up-to-no-good with his snowballs octopus, is a great, holiday-appropriate option that’s thoughtful but still simple. Crate & Barrel has many ornaments for everyone’s tastes, but you can also search for the right one on Etsy or shop locally.

A Trendy Travel Mug

For tea and coffee lovers alike, a travel mug that is actually stylish and on trend is a great idea. This one, by Typo, comes in multiple color options (some with phrases), but this dark rainbow oil spill look is especially fun and trendy.

An Enamel Pin that Suits Them

Enamel pins, like the adorable cat one above from OHNORachio on Etsy, are a tiny way to show someone you’re thinking of them without breaking the bank—get a pin that fits their personality (like a character from their favorite TV show or a symbol they love) and they’re sure to love it. Other Etsy shops like Punky Pins have a wide variety, too.

A Fancy Drinking Chocolate Set

Take hot cocoa up a few notches with a hot chocolate on a stick set—this one comes in several different flavors, including peppermint (above), holiday (which features hints of orange and cinnamon), fall, classic and variety.

A Stylish Wine Stopper

Wine lovers will appreciate these beautiful bottle stoppers with mid century design elements—their favorite wines will stay fresh, and they’ll look stylish in the process.



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