17 Essentials for Effortlessly Beautiful Holiday Decor

Just the other day I was alarmed to discover that many of my friends, people who are apparently much more on top of things than I am, have already completely decorated their homes for Christmas. Meanwhile, I have a single dusty box of ornaments tucked under the couch, and have not even bought a tree yet. But hey, it’s early in the month and not at all too late to pull together a modern, elegant holiday look, and we’ve got just the stuff to help you do it.

Yes, you can have a Christmas tree in even a very small space—this tabletop tree is just four feet high and gets delivered straight to your door with a watertight-lined rattan basket.

This beautiful geometric tree topper is equally perfect for a traditional or modern styled tree.

Tiny string lights create a tiny, perfect winter world.

Six feet of garland made from winter greenery, to bring the invigorating smell of a pine forest into your city home. Drape this over door frames, on mantels, on your dining table and beyond!

Add a little shine to your tree with these simple star ornaments.

This tiny glowing dome will add a little holiday warmth to your home.

Classic blown-glass spheres with just a hint of silver and gold.

This wreath, which feels wintry but also just a tiny bit aquatic, can be hung on a door or placed around a candle on a holiday tabletop.

Finally, a tree stand you’ll actually want to look at.

If tree skirts are more your thing, this chunky knit one is perfect for creating a cozy, stylish look.

This sweet little woodland scene lights up, and the price is just right.

Hung on the wall or draped around a doorway, this beautiful branch light will make a big impact without a lot of effort.

Add battery operated tealights to the inside of these tiny porcelain homes for a cozy tabletop display.

Nothing says holidays quite like a snowglobe, and this is an elegant, modern take.

Fresh bay leaves (accented here with pepperberry) both look and smell delicious.

These modern tree toppers are perfect if you’re looking for something a little off the beaten path. Plus, they’d be just as lovely on a tabletop as shown here as they would be at the top of a tree.

At first glance they look like tiny silver berries, but upon closer inspection you’ll notice that this garland is made of tiny, tiny jingle bells.

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