This Canadian Tiny Home Has a Dog Hidey Hole In the Wall

Modern restoration projects have gone to the dogs—at least at this heritage house flip in Calgary, where making sure the couple’s pup felt at home and included became a major design feature.

When the Canadian team Studio North was designing this modern “laneway house” in Calgary, they decided to utilize negative space in the wall of the slender 950-square-foot space not for built-in storage, but for a built-in doggie nook.

A small, circular, lined cut-out was created in the wall in the living room and now allows the family dog to not only feel safe and out of the way, it removes the need to find premium real estate on the floor for a dog bed or crate.

According to the Studio North website:

“This project offers an opportunity to save one of Calgary’s heritage houses and to build an affordable, compact living space in the inner city. Affordable housing in a thriving city like Calgary is a challenge for many, not the least for two newly graduated professionals starting a design studio with big dreams and a limited budget. We see alleys as a new place for community and dwelling.”

Similar to an “accessory dwelling unit” here in the US but carved out of historic properties, Canadian “laneway houses” are an increasingly popular way to add density to urban neighborhoods while maintaining their original character, charm, and community. And it’s an increasingly innovative small space challenge for creative designers, home owners, and architects.

Check out the full house tour of the Withrow Laneway House on



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