Tree Collars Are the Christmas Decor You Didn’t Know You Needed

Let’s be honest. Tree stands are lacking a bit, right? It’s like putting together a great outfit and overlooking your shoes. If you’re going to deck out a tree with ornaments, lights, tinsel and all the works, then why stop short of covering the bare base?

Tree skirts used to be the answer, and they’re definitely still an option but for anyone who thinks they’re too old fashioned, we have an alternative: the tree collar. A tree collar is like a choker for the bottom of your tree that covers the stand you screw your evergreen into. We’ve been seeing them everywhere already so early on in the season, and we love them because they are a chic, unfussy way to cover that clunky base.

You get full base coverage and can make a decorative statement (which we’ll get into below) without feeling like you’re stuck in Christmases past. And you never have to pick up a steamer to get wrinkles out or worry about how it’s “laying,” whatever that means anyway. What collar will work best for you? Take your pick out of this stylistically diverse bunch of 10. Before you buy, be sure to measure your tree and check out collar dimensions before you buy; some are one size fits all, but others aren’t, and it’s no fun to a return tree collar-sized package at this time of year.

If you are a Magnolia kind of gal (or guy), then this galvanized style will be what your farmhouse Christmas dreams are made of.

Looking for a chic country Christmas vibe? Consider this wicker wonder. The gray wash adds a bit of a modern touch.

Currently on clearance, this two-toned seagrass tree collar is sure to sell out fast.

Red steel feels merry but still modern.

Love glitz? Than go glam with this metallic number. I like that it’s silver and gold, so you can mix “metals” on your tree, too.

Sure, this hammered copper collar is a total splurge, but it is solid, handmade and would look amazing with creams and other warm-colored ornaments (likely for decades to come). Plus, it’s a live finish, so it’ll probably get its patina at about the time you’re over shiny finishes.

A sisal tree collar is a chameleon. One would work for a boho tree, a monotone or black-and-white number, something coastal themed or even a full on rustic look.

A little bling never hurt anyone around the holidays. This mesh model comes pre-lit with LEDs.

Go for the gold with this gilded hammered collar. It also comes in silver.

*A tip on storage from Lifestyle Editor Taryn Williford: At the end of the season when it’s time to put away the decorations, nest your wreathes inside the collar.



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