You Can Own In Emma Stone’s Pink “La La Land” Apartment Building

Charmed by Emma Stone’s vintage Spanish-style apartment in La La Land? We were too. And while golden age movie posters and floral wallpaper can go a long way toward bringing the look home, if you’re after some true authenticity, you can actually just buy one of the apartments in her building now.

A 2-bedroom condo unit just went up for sale in this gorgeous flamingo pink courtyard-style 20-unit apartment complex in Long Beach. It’s the exact location used in the film for the barista-turned-actress and her equally aspirational roommates’ epic dance scene. And you can be someone in the crowd for a price tag of just $495,000—aka “hella affordable” by Southern California standards.

The building—named “El Cordova”—was built by by architect George Riddle in 1928, and the 1,2910-square-foot unit inside boasts tremendo Spanish style charm, with arched doorways, 15-foot ceilings and lots of colorful tile, plus the original 1920s sconces throughout.

If you want to call this place home, be ready to settle up—Redfin estimates that it could go for as much as $512k (not surprising if you know anything about California real estate at the moment).

But good news, La La Land lovers! There’s a second unit for sale in the El Cordova right now—it has a bit less charm and less space (910 square feet) than the preserved vintage apartment above, but a more accurate asking price of $439,900.

h/t Curbed, Architectural Digest



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